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Saturday, November 22, 2008

twilighttwilighttwilight.ahhh EDWARD YOU ARE TOO HOT FOR WORDS!
okay if you havent guessed i saw twilight last night and it was absolutely AMAZING! okay first of all robert pattinson [edward] is majorlyyyyy hot, and i think taylor lautner [jacob] was pretty ugly, idk thats just my opinion! okay so im super hyper bc twilight is amazing !!! im on the third book :] okay if you dont like twilight, dont comment this being rude, twilight is amazing and if you dont like it then... you didnt read the book! cuz if you would it would be amazing! okay im so sorry im like freaking out because robert is SOOOOO HOT. AHHHHHHH.
okay well im off to go change my music player to bella's lullaby [if they have it!]

much vampire bites,
francesca cullen