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Saturday, November 29, 2008

yo yo yo! :D
so last night, and thanksgiving night i slept over my cousins house! yay! it was so fun! thursday night we gave my baby cousin who is 21 months old a bath, and i talked with my older cousin. then yesterday we just hung out and i played with the baby and we ordered chinese YUM! and todayyyy we went to the mall, and then i had to leave :( and go back to my parents and my sister, and then we went to the mall AGAIN and i found out that im getting my macbook this month! OHMYGAWSHES. teehee. sorry i am rushing but my mom is calling me to go get pizza bagels. i also just posted a live video so i should go check if its done processing.
okay anyways, it really stinks A LOT that tomorrows sunday and the break is ended. ughughughhhhhh! but it was fun while it lasted. christmas will be here before you know it!

current state of the union:
biting necks
christmas carols

kissing cheeks
thanksgiving gobbles