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Saturday, November 22, 2008

OF COURSE. you guys know from my last post that i saw twilight last night. well before the movie, my friends and i ate at pizzeria uno and it was so hilarious we had soo much fun :] i went with brittney and stephanie which you guys may know from live chats and my other friend gabby. heres some pics from pizzeria uno :

all of us after twilight...

:] and during the movie there was a few boys ahead of us and they thought i was a vampire..teehee. i dont care i love edward <333 the reason why they thought i was a vampire was because he was asking me something and my eyes got really big and my face is really pale so he freaked out! it was SO FUNNY!

i could TOTALLY pass for francesca cullen:

and can you believe stephanie slept over last night and i just jumped over the couch from the desk to pretend i can jump fast like edward, and i missed and got caught between the couch and the floor! omg im in so much pain! i skinned my knee and its like peeling back the skin ahh it hurts SO bad.

anyways, ill talk to you guys later!

vampire bites,
francesca cullen

PS. tonight im going to a dance party :] teehee.boys.