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Monday, November 3, 2008

so, prepare for a jumbled-up-i-dont-even-know-rambling blog.
hehe :]
okay, so let's get down to business.
I.WANT.MY.MAC.BOOK.NOW.OR.ELSE!!! AHHH.. or else, i do not even know what i will do!! there is exactly 62 days until my birthday, and 52 until christmas. i HOPE HOPE HOPE i can get my macbook early, sometime this month. if that happens, i seriously think my life will be complete!! hahaa, well maybe not... BUT i need it !! i will make SO many new videos, and have AMAZING live chats without needing to ask my sister for anything. and PLUS its awesome, its a laptop. get it?
i own the alias cellphone from verizon. its the one that is a regular phone, but you flip it another way and it becomes a keyboard. i mean, ive had it for a year already, and im getting exhausted! LOL! i want the dare cellphone, its like the iphone, but for verizon. thats down to 199.99 so, i'll see what i can do.
also, im uberly excited for christmas, because im asking for a bunch of mac, and its going to be PRETTY AWESOME. im also asking for a new camera, and a new cellphone. omg i just want too much!! ahh.
there is just too much to get from mac, its just SO overwhelming.
i feel so bombarded with all this stuff and then on top of it. the big S-C-H-O-O-L. :( school, school, school.
well for starters, 7th grade is WAYYYYYYYY Different than 6th for that matter. we have five times the amount of homework, and countless projects and tests each week. i have to say, i am working very hard, and thats why i dont have a video up every single day. i try to, but i need to take into consideration that school comes FIRST. before youtube, and everything else thats virtual :]
if you are still reading, GOD BLESS YOU! :] thanks! lol!
my friend brianna and i tried to make rock candy today, it was quite fun :] its kind of forming, and WAY TOO SUGARY, but whatever, it will taste amazing.
you know what that is everyone?
the big question: OBAMA OR MCCAIN?!?!?!?
election day, is coming up. and lord, do i wish i could vote. but no,no,no,no NO i cant :(! anyways, i am for McCain if any of you didn't know, but I have argued with atleast 15 people today that are Obama Mama's, and I feel like I can back myself up really well. come on, do you really think mccain will die in office? wow. hes 72 years old. thats almost an insult to me because my grandfather died this year at the age of 77 and in this generation, thats pretty young. uhh, im still sensitive about that. next topic., i never thought that i would love a book this much. if you have not read this book, or have not started to read it--- WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? GO GET IT NOW! TWILIGHT BY STEPHENIE MEYER. im on the second book in the saga, New Moon, and I absolutely LOVE IT. im actually dying to go read it right now, although, im enjoying giving my fingers a little bit of a workout ;). i dont want to give anything at all away from twilight or new moon, but in 17 days, is the MOVIE!! so if you want to see it, i recommend reading all 4 books first, cuz thats what im doing!! one of my m.a.s said she read each book in a day. and everyone, these books are NOT small.

:] alright well thats all for now, i give you a ginormous hug if you read all the way through.
-off to bling out my blog