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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

this morning i was on the computer and i heard my mom crying. i ran upstairs and she said "grandma died". i was literally shocked and my emotions froze, and then it hit me. i started hysterically crying and freaking out. i have no more grandparents left. my grandfather on my mom's side was shot, my grandma on my mom's side passed away of cancer, and my dad's dad passed away of a heart attack five months ago, and my grandma passed away from a combination of bad circulation, the flu, and eating something that didn't agree with her. as you can see, ive gone through a lot of deaths in my short life. she had a doctors appointment this morning and my cousin who was taking her was surprised that she didnt call to remind her. they went inside and found my grandma. she actually passed away of a broken heart. my poppy and her were married for 55 years, and 56 in a little less than two weeks. she couldnt function well without him. i miss all of my grandparents terribly, and i just need to spend time with my family and cope. i have a splitting headache and puffy eyes, so i cant make a video, ill probably make a slideshow. anyways, my cousins from alaska are probably flying in soon in the next few days. so ill talk to you guys later.

much love,

rest in peace grandma, i love you. <3