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Friday, November 7, 2008

hey guys :]] thank you everyone sooo much for all of the wonderful comments on my recent video. i have received over 100 comments of sympathy and i extremely appreciate it! i will, i promise reply to evryone, just give me a few days. today is the wake from 2-4 and 7-9. of course ill be there the whole entire time. my cousins came in from alaska yesterday!! i cant wait to see them. its my cousin with her husband and 5 kids! anyways, tomorrow morning is the funeral and the church where i will be doing a eulogy. then im coming back and yup :] im feeling so much better but tonight and tomorrow are going to be pretty hard. although, i have my amazing cousins and family with me! i slept over stephanies house and it made me feel so much better, too! we ordered chinese with dumplings and egg rolls! YUM. oh, and guess what! the teacher that runs the play at my school asked me why i didnt audition and i am super excited because maybe she wants me to have a part! she said for me to come to the callbacks! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!
okay! well im going to a hotel tonight, so idk if ill have internet because we are bringing my sisters laptop. ill talk to you guys tomorrow!

much love,