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Thursday, December 18, 2008

lol! im sorry guys! there has been some crazy things goin on with juicy and i's blogs in the the past few hours, because as you can seeee, my blog is TOTALLY different. well juicy and i decided to do TWIN blogs, and to keep her original layout i found instead of mine because mine had some flaws and things that were going wrong. SOOO, i myself, edited two layouts, one for me, one for juicy complete with our username and a holiday clip-art!! AREN'T THEY AH-DORABLE!?!? i LOVE them SOOO much   !!! you may have seen juicy's blog delete earlier, but its back to normal, just restored since she was having problems. well, shes adding the layout now so it will  be up soon as will the c-box and music  on her page too . 
so, i promise ill do a real blog tonight, with like a survey and updates && stuff TONIGHT. 

okay, well ill talk to you guys later tonight like i said because i gotta help juicy get the template back :P. 

soooo tell MEEE; 

much sunshine,

ps. do you like all these little things im adding to my blog?