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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

WELL HELLO THERE MY DARLINGS. merry christmas eve !!   
so, im sorry i havent updated my blog , but i promise ill update a lot more :D. so i wanted to do a survey, for you guys to get to know me better. so im going to be doing them pretty frequently. im supadeedupadeesupa EXCITED for today, cuz its gonna be awesome! also, tonight im going to be doing a live chat as a countdown to christmas, ill post a vid on what time it will start, and it will go to like midnight-1 AM dependin on how tired i am. but its gonna be uberly ah-mazing, and it was MY idea so if anyone else goes live and tries to steal my viewers, dont go, because ive been talking about this for almost a week now!!! i love you all, and i hope you have a VERY happy holidays, i wish you the best presents! ALSO, dont forget, in my live chat tonight, remind me to tell you something about the hills. its reallllllllllyyyy important/cool! i dont really know if a lot of people read my blog, so i leave a comment box question at the end of each blog to check :D. also, please comment either way!

before i start; here's the current state of the union:

-chuck norris [inside joke in live chat]
-sparkly eyeliner
-midnight live chats

-gertrude lourdes [inside joke in live chat]
- regular eyeliner
- desktops
-morning live chats

Eye color: mostly blue and green, they change colors, and sometimes gray and yellow. 
Hair color: dirty blonde. i used to be very light blonde when i was younger, but its getting darker !
Height: teehee, im short so like 4"9'. 
Favorite color: PURPLE, all the way baby!
Favorite Band: PARAMORE!! 
Favorite Movie: twilight, just like heaven, premonition, john tucker must die, mean girls, the list goes on and on and on...
Favorite Show: Grey's Anatomy, Paris hilton's my new BFF, The Bachelor, Private Practice, Gossip Girl, The Hills...
Your Car: well i dont drive, haha. but we have 2 BMW'S, a land rover, ford, chevy...
Your Crushes First Name: ahhhhh. the third letter is n. so is the fourth, i dont want to say it on here!

Have you ever?
Sat on your rooftop: YES!
Kissed someone in the rain: No.   
Danced in a public place: YAH! everyday!
Smiled for no reason: yup, like i said, evryday!
Laughed so hard you cried: yes! haha my stomach hurts really bad when  laugh too hard!!
Written a song: yes, i actually have, its kind of a weird story and the song is called interchangeable.  i wrote it after i was going through a hard time. if you ever want to hear it, ask me!
Sang to someone for no reason: yah, just ask the people in my live chats! teehee!
Performed on a stage: yup!
Gone out of your way to befriend somebody:yah, the new girl at school

Who was the last person to:
Say hi to you: Juicychicluvsya !
Tell you, i love you: my mommy!   
Tell you BYE: chuck norris!! HAH
wrote you a note: my friend rachel.
take your photo: my trusty macbook, chiara! hehe i named her, i love that name! 
call your cellphone: stephanie! 
buy you something: stephanie!
go with you to the movies: stephanie... haha
text message you: stephanie, again...

Whats the last...:
Time you laughed: last night in my live chat!
Time you cried: sunday, when my sister cut my finger open   . thanks alexa.
movie you watched: john tucker must die
joke you told: im a magical bunny, now you see me, now you....
song you've sang: all i want for christmas is you-mariah carey
time you've looked at the clock: 11:30 when my computer said it was 11:30!
drink you've had: coke!
food you've eaten : PB&J
flavor of gum chewed: winterblue stride
shoes you've worn: black tall uggs
store you've been in: victorias secret & MAC
thing you've said: thank you, when my neighbors brought cookies over this morning!

Can you:
write with both hands: nope, lefty all the way!
whistle: kinda,sorta,...
blow a bubble: yah!
roll your tongue in a circle: yup! and i can do it in a three-leaf-clover   
cross your eyes: mhmm, in every direction!
stay up a whole night without sleep: a whole night...yah if i had coke   
speak a diff. language: yes! 
impersonate someone: YES! i think shayna and juicy know that too well...
cook anything: yah! i love cooking and baking!

Finish the line:
If i were a...: BOY!- beyonce  
I wish...: i could meet all of you!
So many people don't know that: my cousin is a very famous hair stylist.
I am...: listening to single ladies, talking to juicy, taking this survey, laying on my floor...
My heart is: big, as i hear from my family...   

mucho love and holiday cheer,

WAITTTT! comment-box question of the day: what is your favorite lipgloss shade from MAC?