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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

hey guys! :D so i am sick AGAIN today, which stinks cuz this is the 2nd day of school im missing, and im gonna have to make up a bunch of work :(. but the BRIGHT side is, now i only have 5 school days left until break. oh yah. im so so so stoked you have nooo idea! i just posted a christmas/birthday list video... and im supadupasupa excited to see what i get ! so there is only NINE days till christmas AND EIGHT DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS EVE! so im counting down from eight days or christmas eve, cuz i get to spend time with family and get presents on christmas eve too hehe :D. and GUESS WHAT.... as you may know, im receiving a macbook for my birthday but im getting it on christmas...AND that means.. IM GOING TO BE MAKING A VIDEO ON MY MACBOOK IN 9 DAYS. YUP. THATS RIGHT. THATS ABOUT 206 HOURS FROM NOW. WOW. IM SO EXCITED!!! THAT MEANS MY HAUL WILL BE ON MY MACBOOK! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAAYAYAYAYAY! im so excited so so sososososososoosoe xcited and i cant express it...unless you watch my first video with my laptop ill probably be pretty off the wall...! hehe. ANYWAYS, im thinking of going to mac a few days after christmas to do some damage so im also stoked for that!!! i cant believe december flew by this quick, right after thanksgivng these past a little over 2 weeks have been a whirlwind! ahh imagine, the ustream chats... they are going to be so fun with house tours&bringing them to my friends house...i cant wait. okay enough ranting about my macbook....

so ive decided to switch back to makeup videos just because i realized how much i missed them. & i felt so disconnected making funny videos...i dont know why or how, i just think people were really disappointed in me. im probably not going to make one though until christmas day.
speaking about getting my macbook once again... i told you guys im changing my blog because i dont want it to be about makeup when i had switched channel subjects but i still want a new blog even though it will be about makeup just because i dont really like that much... and im doing that when i get my new computer! gosh why does everything have to be centered around that!?!? lol!

WELL... i have to go take some medicine to make me feel better!! so ill probably post another blog tonight or tomorrow :D
love you guys and thanks for the support!
much love,