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Saturday, December 27, 2008

well hello bellas. sorry i haven't updated in three whole days. christmas was AH-MAZING, and i got 99.99% of everything i wanted! if you want to know what i got, you could check out my christmas hauls on youtube. i hope you all had a very merry christmas, and a safe, happy holiday. mine was good, but not the same without my grandparents. its really hard to not have any grandparents, and to go through so many deaths in my little life so far.  we talked about it in my ustream last night, so if you have any grandparents or even if your the luckiest, and you have GREAT-grandparents, you really need to appreciate and be grateful of what you have because it can all go away in the blink of an eye like it happened to my family. on a lighter note, im going out to buy the chi straightener in a little while, because ive been borrowing my sister's bff's chi, but now she took it back! i realized i cant live without it, so with some of my christmas money, my sister and i are sharing one.
ill update very soon.
much love, 
francesca ann 

ps. i literally JUST got another christmas present, from my sisters best friend, its a MAC e/s. youre gonna need to watch a haul ill make later to find out what color it is :P