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Saturday, December 20, 2008

heyyy guys! today is an AH-MAZING DAY! I AM GETTING MY MACBOOK TOMORROW!!   NOOO WAYY! YESS WAYYY! hahaa. so, i know i told you guys in the video about requests that i was getting it in an hour, but my dad got too tired, so im just going VERY early tomorrow morning. like 730 !!! so, tomorrow ill be setting up my macbook, going live, and making videos ALL DAY! im supadeedupadee excited!! so, a lot of videos will be coming out soon! so look forward to that...
anyways, on my macbook, im going to do a survey for my blog when i get it, so look forward to that. at the end of each post from now till christmas, im putting a countdown!! yay. also, im going to add a bunch of things to my blog tomorrow.

i haven't done a new current state of the union in a WHILE, so her yah go!   

ybffs [YOUTUBE BFFS-me and juicy, iu juicy!]
being yourself
bed head tigi after party
scooby doo bandaids
christmas break

drama that your NOT savin for yo mama!
bed head tigi before party!
copying people
dora the explorer bandaids

comment box question of the day [answer it in the c-box]:
what's your favorite drink?
i love; fuze,izze,metromint water,green tea,starbucks and moree!

much santa and reindeer dances,