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Thursday, December 18, 2008

okay so i logged online early this morning to check out my blog,because i've been really excited. i noticed in my comment box somebody had written that i'm copying strawbezzi, so i went to her blog and people were calling me and juicy extremely rude names because apparently we copied her ideas. 
honestly, i found this layout through one of my other friends. there are HUNDREDS and THOUSANDS of other people that use layouts with fashion, and make their own c-box. i got my c-box idea from MichellePhan, because when she was in a ustream, i spotted the c-box in the corner on her blog. strawbezzi doesn't own any of these items, and you guys act like she does. do you really have to stoop that low that you think we're copying her for a BLOG?! are you kidding me? wow. i just think anybody could do anything they want and shouldn't have to be criticized rudely for it, if they didn't do anything wrong. 
i don't want to start another fight, because strawbezzi is a GREAT friend. 
thanks for reading, and i hope you understand.

ps. strawbezzi does NOT have my layout, or juicy's. does it say copyright to strawbezzi on your page?

much love, francesca