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Wednesday, December 17, 2008 a lot has changed as you can see :D. 
so i woke up this morning, ready to go to school realizing i still felt pretty sick. this is my third day out of school this week being sick, so it kind of stinks. i have the flu, and i really didn't want to get a relapse and be sick for christmas so i stayed home today :]. so i get on twitter, and my friend elena had updated her blog. as i clicked her page, i was like WOAAAAH! her layout was beyond ah-mazing. so i quickly searched new layouts on my computer and found this baby! i uploaded it and all of a sudden a message appeared:
we're sorry, your layout xml cannot be parsed. you may need to change the css format. 
wow. what the heck does  that mean? anyways, since i was bored and had nothing better to do, i started clicking random buttons and look what happened! the layout WORKED! oh yah. i know, its awesome :D. how do you guys like it? let me know in the comment box. yup, my brand new customized PURPLE & BLACK comment box. so here's a tour of my blog.

when i uploaded the blog, i had  a lot of work to do. first, i added a tiny about me and welcome as you can see on the left. also on the left, is a little thing i call the time machine where you can go to any month you want to see the blog entries of that month. under construction is the link section of my blog. 
underneath, you can see a comment box! YAY! all you have to do is enter your name,email and message and you dont need to join! how sick is that? so comment all you want-i'd LOVE to hear from you guys.
next, i added a couple pictures of me and then...the twilight hotties. oh yah!!! how do you guys like that?!?! i added a few pic of edward, jacob &emmett from twilight, otherwise known as robert pattinson,taylor lautner, and kellan lutz .
okay so you might here some music, and if you scroll ALLLLLL the way down you can see a little pink and turquoise little teddybear playing some amazing music:D. ill probably change the playlist according to my favorite songs at the moment pretty frequently, and the little playlist is on shuffle so every time you refresh, a different song will play.
the playlist consists of these ah-mazing songs:
i caught myself-paramore
decode-paramore [acoustic]
love lockdown-kanye west
all i want for christmas is you-mariah carey
right here-brandy
i love these songs sooo much. SOOO- im going to update my blog A LOT, so you can bookmark this page or whatever, because everyday i will post probably atleast twice. i know im going to post a survey tonight, and pretty soon the pictures of when i met a couple of celebrities last week once brittney sends them to  me :P.anyways, PLEASE comment in the comment box, like i said i'd love to hear from you guys. so stay tuned for more entries :].

muchhh love,
francesca ann <3