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Thursday, January 8, 2009

this is ridiculous;; do you really get joy out of doing this? what's wrong with you?!? you know who you are. 
im sorry guys. im getting fed up with all this stupid drama. if you dont want to come to my blog to say something nice, just leave and it'll do my friends and i a favor. get out. 
i did not copy strawbezzi. i do what i want, my style, my way, what I want to do. i make most of my own ideas lauren [juicychicluvsa] and some of my other close friends that have blogs;; we SHARE ideas. okay? 
strawbezzi is my friend. but you know what, you don't need to defend her if you think im copying her in any way. im sorry but i think she's old enough and capable enough to defend herself if she needs to. 
SCARVES, MUSIC, LAYOUTS, CBOXES, BERETS... COME ON. i find things myself and im sorry if strawbezzi ever touched it;; i didnt know. chill. 

im thinking of taking away my c-box.