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Thursday, January 1, 2009

helllllllllllllo my bellas. im so so so soooo sorry i haven't updated, but i've been spending time with my cousins and haven't gone on the computer in 3 days! hehe. well, happy new year to you all!!!!! last night, i went to a family friends house and we went in the hot tub outside till 11:40, and then i quickly rushed to get dressed to see the ball drop with my family. could you believe taylor swift was standing near joe jonas at dick clarks rockin new years eve?!? i mean come on taylor GET OVER IT. and demi and nick looked lovey-dovey, like come on nick has a girlfriend!! anyways, i totally want to re-do my blog, so it might be changed very soon. expect a current state later in the day. HAPPY 2009 everyone :D.