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Friday, January 2, 2009

im exhausted. well helloooo there bellas. im exhausted because this whole week i've been waking up at 6AM and leaving, and coming home at around 5:00PM from my grandparents house. we are cleaning it out so we can rent it. on the bright side, they have neighbors that are ah-mazingly nice, and i feel like they're my cousins now. i hang out with them, ryan and brendan and we play manhunt and stuff. they are 11 and 13. also, we make a fire to burn all my grandparents old papers and boxes to clear up space, and its soooo fun :D. my uncle is awesome at building fires up, and we threw in something that almost set a tree on fire! woopsssieeee! 
im so sorry i havent made any makeup or fashion blogs, but i promise i will before monday. sundays my birthday! i cant wait!! =D okay, well im going to go but i promise im going to type my fashion blog hopefully tonight, and add more little cute things to my blog.

muccchooooo love,
francesca ann