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Monday, March 2, 2009

more surveys! wahooo!
hahaa (:

Are you tan? noo hahaa. 
Do you own chanel perfume? naahhh.
Do you shower daily? no... its said to be bad for you; so every other day. but, im gonna get a shower cap and put my hair in it so i can shower everyday! :D
Do you go to the tanning bed? ewwwwh no.
Do you wear nail polish? well yeahh, but i cant paint them lol. 
Do you use MAC make-up? hahaa of COURSE!
Do you straighten your hair everyday? yup-o!

Name all your best friends: stephanie,sydney and brittney. 
Is the term Best friends a label or promise? promise :D
Do you have more than 1 TRUE best friend? yes i dooo.
Do you hang out with your friends every day? mostly, yah. 
What is the longest you have been in a fight with your bff? not sure... :/
Is it easier to talk to your girl friends or guy friends? depends what the topic is but mostly girls...
Would you ever date one of your close guy friends? idk.

Do you have style and originality? yah!
Do you own a designer handbag? of course!
Do you own something from Lacoste? yup;; sneakers!
Do or did you wear leggings? mhmmm. 
Is the color you'll never wear yellow? nope.
Do you get fashion tips from magazines? nahhh there kinda weird sometimes lol. 
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Hollister? i used 2 shop their 24/7; so my whole wardrobe is basically abercrombie & hollister. but i dont really shop at those strore anymore.
Do you wear sweats a lot? no only to sleep!

Are you a movie freak? YESSSS! 
Have you see over 10 movies in the past month? haha yeah i think... wrong turn 2, push, good luck chuck, taken, friday the 13th, confessions of a shopaholic, the uninvited, friday the 13th AGAIN, the strangers AHH THATS ONLY 9. still; thats a lot haha. 
Do you have a show that you must watch? yuppppp! 
Do you watch The Hills on MTV? yup but im busy a lot when that comes on so i havent lately ;P
Have you ever seen an episode of Grey's Anatomy? YES. favorite show.
What is your favorite G Rated movie? FINDING NEMO!!! :D
Do you like classic movies? hmm.... not exactly...
Do you watch 30 or more hours of tv a week? nahh.
Do you own over 100 dvds? hmm let's go count... lol immanerd. 65 haha.
Is Law And Order awesome? never seen it... but they filmed an episode in my town once :D

Do you watch baseball on tv? YES...<3
Who's your favorite baseball player? HEDEKI MATSUI. YANKEES REPRESENT!(:
Do you play basketball? no... used 2!
Do you watch it on tv? nahh im just a baseball chica lol!
Do you swim? yup!
Last time you were in a pool? summatime!
Are you good at volleyball? ehh not exactly haa.
Is soccer cool?
Do you like to run? no... neither does my body. stupid asthma won't let me run :*(.
Are you in shape? yup
Favorite sports team? yankees!
Last sporting event you attended? my schools basketball game :D

Do you like all types of music? mostly yah.
What about rap? yup!
Have you been to more than 5 concerts? of course!
Do you like Panic at the Disco? i used 2.
Are you constantly downloading music? when i have itunes gift cards.
Favorite Rock band? PARAMOREEE(:
Favorite local band? huhhhh? lol.
What is the current song on your myspace page? i dont have one...

Do you have more than 1 sibling? nope. just one! 
Are you closer to your mom or dad? idk; its kinda even!
Do you like your living arangements? yah!
Do you wish you could move? depends where...
Do your grandparents spoil you? i don't have any.
Do you have any step parents or siblings? no steps. thank u! lol. 
How many cousins do you have? oh lord... A LOT!!!
Which of your relatives lives the farthest away, and where? my first cousin with her husband and 5 kids in alaska, and my great uncles and aunts on my moms side and prob some other cousins in italy. (: