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Sunday, May 3, 2009

hey guyssssss(: [[happyy mayy!]]
i know, i know, i havent updated.
to tell you the truth, ive had no excuse.
i mean ive been at my besties beachhouse for the 3 past weekends,
and been working extremely hard in school during the week.
but in my free time, i havent really taken the time to write blogs as i said i would.
anyways, i miss youtube. i do, i do. but on the other hand............i dont. i dont know why, i dont know if its just because of the annoying demands of a few subscribers and the 100's of bombarding requests, and the pesky haters... but i feel so much more relieved. i miss the people, and i miss making videos, like i said... but, i was on the computer WAAAY too much. now i've taken time to hang out with my friends aaaalooottt more and really concentrate on my schoolwork.
so, ive been going to my other best friend sydneys beach house for the past 3 weekends and ive had sooo much fun. the first weekend we only stayed one night, and last weekend 2, and this weekend 2 nights with my other bestie stephanie. we went to a club (sayyy what?), went 172 feet in the air over 70 MPH, tanned on the beach, watched 12 movies, went shopping, played monster pong......((: soo much fun.
Movies we watched:
Jackass 1
Jackass 2
American Pie 1
American Pie 2
Cold Prey
Haunting of Molly Hartley
Love Wrecked
Dead Silence
Hit and run
Mary Shaw
and Prom Night
we are movie junkies, not gonna lie. i mean ikik, why are we watching movies when we can do watch them at home? well, this weekend we watched the majority of them and thats because it was raiiningggg alot:(. but thats okay, cuz i was still with my girlies :D. haha.
and ive gotten quite a lot...

bathing suits:
and the rest i cant find links tooooooo:
a bikini top that has all different shades of blue and a white bottom from american eagle
a strapless gold striped bikini from american eagle
a black bikini with white triangles and polkadots from american eagle
a purple bikini with floral bottoms from hurley swimwear
another bikini from hurley thats all diff. colorsss

makeup:;jsessionid=APEZKES0PYFJACV0KRRQQAQ?id=P217120&categoryId=C15913 - i got it in mod podge - got in cupcake - in sour apple

navy blue tank from hollister with white knit floral design
aaand i have no idea what other clothes i got haha sorryy

but yeaaaa! uhh theres not much else to talk about other then im going to try my hardest to update everyday again. i really need to get in the swing of things.